• The largest glassware Manufacturer in Egypt

Our companyPyramid Glass

Pyramid Glass is one of the largest glassware production factories in Egypt and is a member of Kedaung Industrial Group. Since opening its doors in 2009, Pyramid Glass has progressed rapidly over the years to provide some of the best quality products on the international market, making it one of the global leaders in glassware.

With a 170-ton capacity a day and 12 production lines producing over 300 different products in a growing catalogue, it has become a global force to be reckoned with. The factory currently employs over 250 employees and plans on expanding constantly and increasing its workforce, providing back to the community and putting our workers first. Being in Egypt, the factory occupies a strategic geographical position linking it to the markets of the Middle East, Asia, Europe and the Americas.

We pride ourselves on our well-known reputation in the industry and for being able to supply a wide variety of quality products at the most competitive prices. We hope to be able to continue serving our customers while elevating the international standard of quality and satisfaction.



To not only produce glassware, but to improve and innovate in the production of glassware; improving quality, reliability and satisfaction with our products and the products of the industry in general while keeping the people and environment first.


To continue to add comfort to people’s lives and homes by providing the basic necessities for the table while keeping the environment and the safety of all in mind.

Social Responsibility

While our goals are similar to any operating global company, Pyramid Glass puts an emphasis on giving back to society by focusing on the environment, the people, and the province surrounding as a whole.


While putting an emphasis on the importance of protecting the environment, Pyramid Glass has planted plenty of vegetation throughout the plot and continues to thrive towards reducing our carbon footprint.

The People

While focusing on the people first, Pyramid Glass emphasizes the importance of its employees and their wellbeing. We make sure that every employee feels like part of the family, making sure they are both happy and comfortable at the company. We have also created an internship and education program aimed at helping recent graduates get a head-start in the industry and teaching them more about the intricacies of it as a whole.